All players have their little signature moves, preferred character types and problem solving approaches, but so do GMs. And of course, they can be exploited.

↓ Transcript
Erza: Check out my spear. Cool, isn't it?
Gray: Meh, I had a bigger one last game.
GM: Don't remind me.
Erza: Here we go!
GM: The crystal veil cracks. Good job!
Natsu: Wow. I didn't actually expect this to work.
GM: Believe it or not, but that was actually what I wanted you to do.
Erza: Awesome. Now how do I get my spear back?
GM: The thing is, the villagers aren't changing.
Lucy: Um, why?
GM: Turns out they were all demons in the first place.
GM: They can turn into humans and their memories were muddled to think that's what they were.
Erza: I actually entertained that thought for a while.
Lucy: You did?
Erza: When you play with the same GM for long enough, you start to think like he does.
GM: You make me sound like I'm game you're hunting or something.
Gray: So they're all demons, huh? Hey, baby.
GM: Let me just stop you right there. Just roll the die and let's skip this part.
Gray: Hey, success by three!
GM: And on that note, I suggest we stop for today. We'll pick up from here next time.