Freeform point-buy systems can give you lots of freedom in creating your character, but they can be hard to balance against each other. We’ll see how our GM will manage that with all the quirky characters.

↓ Transcript
GM: Alright, we're ready to begin! Welcome to Fiore, a land of magic and adventure.
Natsu: Where are the others?
GM: Kate and Aaron couldn't make it today, so we'll start with just you guys. Lewis, why don't you introduce your character?
Natsu: I'm Natsu Dragneel! I'm a Dragonborn Dragonslayer using fire magic. I came to this town to slay the dragon Salamander.
GM: What's with all the dragons? There are no dragons in this world. And how did you expect to slay a dragon at level 1 anyway?
Natsu: That's obviously just a false rumor! I thought you would pick up on that...
GM: Oh... well, ok, I'll see what I can do... Max, how about you?
Happy: I'm a flying blue cat called Happy!
GM: A what?
Natsu: Neat!
Happy: This system is awesome! Turns out if you play an animal, you can buy your stats back to human levels, and still have points left over!
GM: Really? Let me see that. Huh... looks right I guess... But this is a high magic campaign. Will you be alright?
Happy: Dude, look at all my skills! And I can fly basically at will.
GM: Right, ok then. Monica, go ahead.
Lucy: Hi everyone, I'm new at this, so the GM helped me out with the character.
GM: Knowing you guys, I recommended she take some people skills.
Lucy: Yeah, I'm Lucy, and these are my people!
GM: Hold on! What do you mean people? That's not what I meant when I said...
Natsu: Wow! Your character is pretty cool! My first one was just a fighter.
GM: What's this? A minotaur? A mermaid? How do you expect to walk around town with all of them in tow? The mermaid can't even walk!
Lucy: But the book had so many cool creatures! And I can have anyone as an ally, right?
GM: Well yeah, but... Ok, listen, I have an idea. How about you're a summoner and you can summon some of your allies when you need them.
Lucy: Ooh! I like that!
GM: We can work out the details later. Let's just get started. Man, I knew this would happen. I just hope Kate's and Aaron's characters aren't quite this weird...