The group had a longish break between sessions here. Even so, the GM expected everyone to remember the various NPCs. Of course, the players didn’t, so he had to improvise the most shocking thing he could come up with.


Update: I’ll be going on an extended break again. There’s just too much other stuff going on.

↓ Transcript
Lucy: It's been a while, hasn't it?
Erza: It sure has. I hardly even remember what happened last time.
Natsu: There was a demon in ice or something.
Happy: Right. And Gray had to fight his teacher or something.
Gray: Almost. It was the other apprentice.
Chief: And you saved us from the curse. Thank you, great heroes!
Erza: Don't forget to keep paying your protection money.
Chief: Oh. Yeah...
GM: Suddenly, a familiar figure calls out to you.
Zalty: Hey, great heroes! I have a message for you from the Cold Emperor.
Lucy: Who's that?
Natsu: Isn't that the guy with the shadow magic?
GM: What? No! That's not even close. You fought him in the last session. How could you forget?
Gray: Now that you mention it, I seem to recall someone like that. What was his name again?
Zalty: The name is Zalty! I use time magic!
Erza: Sorry, but we can't really remember every name you give us.
GM: Write it down or something.
GM: Actually wait. I'll make sure you remember this one!
Ultear: My name is Ultear! I am the long-lost daughter of Gray's teacher Ur.
Ultear: And I was behind the entire thing. I was controlling Lyon from the start.
Happy: Holy plot twist!
Lucy: Whoah, that came slightly out of nowhere.
GM: And don't you forget it!