It’s always fun to give players the opportunity to use their own wits and skills to solve a problem, instead of relying on abstract dice rolls. It’s just too bad that this almost never works out. Players will invariably be stumped.

↓ Transcript
Lucy: So... um, how come the curse isn't broken now that we've stopped the ceremony?
GM: I don't know. You're supposed to be the curse experts here. Why don't you investigate some more?
Erza: Okay, let's see.
Erza: The cultists were gathering moonlight and the moon is purple, but only on this island.
Chief: That's right. And we started turning shortly after they began.
Lucy: So it should be okay now, right?
Erza: Come on, can't we use one of our skills here?
GM: All right. I just figured it would be more fun for you to figure out on your own. Make your rolls.
Gray: 5.
Natsu: 3.
Happy: 12.
GM: Looks like Happy got it.
Happy: According to what the GM just told me, the ritual crystallized the air over the island to imbue the moonlight with magic.
Gray: Why couldn't you just tell all of us?
GM: I want to give you an opportunity to get it wrong.
Natsu: So all we have to do is break the crystal covering?
Lucy: How high up is it?
GM: I suppose Happy could fly up to it. Too bad he can't actually break through.
Erza: Not to worry, I have just the armor for this occasion.
Erza: Giant armor, especially for throwing my spear.