Don’t even try to argue with the players about free services from quest provider NPCs. They’ll get their free food and lodging for an indefinite period anyway and you’ll save yourself a lot of headache.

As a sidenote, some players really like putting a character’s important distinguishing feature on the most inappropriate spots on their body and then flaunting it whenever possible. You know who you are.

↓ Transcript
Natsu: Let's go check out this ceremony at the temple.
Lucy: Maybe we should ask around the village first?
Lucy: Get some information, you know.
Natsu: Sounds like a waste of time to me.
Gray: No, I agree with Lucy.
Gray: For all we know, that ferryman might have been trying to lure us in.
GM: Wow, never expected you to be so level-headed.
Natsu: I guess you have a point.
Gray: I do believe I'm also still in charge.
Happy: I see they're serious about this.
Lucy: Anyone home? We're here from Fairy Tail!
Guards: Prove it!
Gray: Here you go!
GM: Of course you have to take your shirt off to show your mark.
Gray: A bunch of trustworthy faces if I've ever seen some.
Happy: Why don't you guys prove that you're actually villagers?
GM: What does that even mean?
GM: They all show their various mutated body parts.
Gray: Okay, we believe you. So which one of us has curse breaking magic?
GM: No one as it turns out.
Chief: This isn't a curse you can break by normal means.
Chief: It all started when the moon turned purple.
Lucy: The moon? Did we notice that before coming here?
GM: No...
Natsu: Must be a local effect then, ergo not the moon.
Chief: Whatever it is, we transform when the purple moon comes out. In fact, it's about time.
Chief: This is the curse we have to live with.
Chief: Go to the temple and put an end to this!
Natsu: Will do, only in the morning.
Happy: Yeah, barging in there during the full moon sounds like a bad idea.
Gray: They'll give us beds and food of course.
GM: I suppose.