Some overheard exposition conversations are better than others…


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↓ Transcript
GM: Alright, is everyone ready to continue?
Lucy: You said footsteps before, right? I guess we should hide.
GM: You notice two figures walking in to check on the demon.
Yuka: So what was it we had to do again?
Toby: Look for intruders, dumbass. There was a lot of noise in the temple.
Yuka: Well, I don't see anyone.
Toby: You couldn't even find your own socks today!
Natsu: Who are these clowns?
Happy: The next set of minibosses probably.
Sherry: What are the two of you doing down here?
Toby: Making sure everything's fine.
Sherry: The Cold Emperor summons you. He is ready to start the final ceremony.
Natsu: Final ceremony, huh?
Sherry: Tonight, Deliora will finally be revived.
Lucy: Whoah!
Happy: Well, that escalated quickly.
Toby: We must hurry.
Natsu: I think it's about time we learn more about this Deliora.
Gray: I guess I'd better tell you what I know then.
Gray: I'll tell you about the most fearsome demon of the north, how I lost my home, how I learned magic and how Deliora came to be encased in ice.
Happy: This ought to be good.